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Welcome from Abacus Property Services

Now  a  NAPFIS  acredited  contractor.

Contact Abacus for no-nonsense common sense advice regarding fire door fitting,  Health & Safety  requirements, Glazing panels, Compartmentation, Fire stopping  in  sealing  Ducting  work  and  riser compartments.

Abacus Property and Fire Door Services  are based in South Devon and work throughout Southern England,  from  Truro  to  the  Isle  of  Wight (so far).  We install Passive Fire Precautions that conform to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.  Fire Doors &  Door sets  to   FD30(S) and FD60(S) rated specification and  will Supply & Fit or Fit Only as required(only under certain circumstances). Fire  protected  Glazing,  Compartmentation  work,  sealing  pipe work  and  wiring  looms (Fire Stopping).  We  will  liaise  with  the  Customers  Fire  Risk  Assessor  or  the  Fire  safety  Officer  to  ensure  new  work,  alterations  and  upgrades  are  done  correctly  and  efficiently  with  as  little  disruption  as  possible.

Fire Door Fitting

Fire doors  &  Door  sets  to FD30(S) and FD60(S) specification supplied and fitted, or fit only as required.  We  can  source  a  wide  range  of  styles  and  designs  to  suit  with  even  purpose  made  panel  doors.

Listed and Historic Doors

Listed and Historic  buildings that are  used  commercially  have  specific  requirements,  with  the  requirements  of  Fire  Safety  legislation  and  Historic  protection  bodies  often  at  odds.  There  are  a  range  of   minor  repairs  and  treatments  available  to  treat  structurally  sound Historic  Doors  and  Door  frames  to  give  them  a  Fire  rating,  along  with  fitting  cold  smoke  intumescent  seals,  Hinges,  Door  closers  etc.

In  some  instances,  If  the  doors  are  beyond  repair,  it  is  possible  to  have  purpose  made  panel  doors  to   match  existing  listed/Historic  Doors,  please  see  blog.

Excellent Value

Small but perfectly formed – we are able to call on other tradesmen for larger Fire Door fitting jobs and  Health & Safety  work.   This keeps our costs low and our value for money high.

Minimum Disruption

Building fire door and passive fire protection upgrades are implemented efficiently and carefully planned to keep disruption to a minimum, with safety in mind at all times for staff and clients.  We  have  a  mobile  workshop  that  will  enable  works  to  be  conducted  with  the  minimum  disruption.

Please contact us for more information regarding FD30(S) and FD60(S) fire door fitting,   Health & Safety  requirements, Glazing panels, Compartmentation, Fire stopping  in  sealing  Ducting  work  and  riser compartments.

Devon, Dorset,  Cornwall,  Somerset and the Greater South West?  Then please give  Chris a call  on  07939  434230.