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Pair of Fire Doors

A Torbay Hotel recently refurbished had an outstanding issue  flagged up by the Fire Risk Assessment.  The issue  revolved around a pair of  doors on a half landing on the main lobby staircase.  The existing doors  on  the  landing  were not compliant, either in size or design.  The proprietors were concerned over  the  finished look  but  were  also  aware  that  standard fire doors, off the shelf,  were not feasible because of the size issue.  The only option  was  to  create new fire doors  from  a  ‘cutable’  fire door blank. Then the ‘look’ was an issue,  so  as  being in a corridor/staircase the doors had to have glazing viewing panels.  The proprietors decided on tall  narrow  apertures  with clear pyro fire protected glazing centrally  located in the doors.  This  gave  ‘a look’  that  was  unlike  any  factory produced door  and  all  compliant  with  the  required  FD30(S)  specification  required  in  the  Fire Risk Assessment.