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The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Under these regulations the onus has changed, from the Fire Officer visiting a premises and giving a ‘to do list’ to the operator, then issuing a Certificate when the list is completed. Now the operator of any premises has the responsibility to conduct or commission a Fire Risk Assessment. Under the above order all commercial premises are required to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment. In my opinion it is far better to employ a professional (I do not cover this area) who will visit the premises and draw up a ‘to do list’ in a report with degrees of urgency for specific areas. In my sphere of operation most reports identify mostly Fire doors needing to be replaced or upgraded to FD30(S) specification, which is the required standard for nearly all Fire doors.

Fire Doors – New and existing

Fire  safety  requires  Fire doors  to be fitted to fine tolerances  within  a  door  frame/liner  that  is  compatible  to  be  used  with  a  Fire  Door,  to ensure compliance with the various legislation and defined regulations. Each Fire door leaf both new and existing are required to be Certificated and their installation has to be in accordance to ensure the Fire Door operates correctly every time it is used. Hinges, Fire door closers, locks and fire door furniture all need to comply plus the installation of the door liner/frame. Once all that is achieved the cold smoke intumescent strip when fitted must seal on the door liner to ensure the smoke barrier is compliant. Having a gap between the smoke brush and liner is a waste of time, effort, money and not compliant. As a guide, for a quick check, run a credit card around both sides and top of the fire door, if the brush does not hold the card, the Fire door is certainly not compliant.

Fire Glazing in Fire Doors, Transoms and compartment walls

Fire  Safety  requires  Glazing used in the above situations  to be specifically  approved  Fire Glazing fitted correctly with as much importance being placed on the frame, intumescent  sealing material and stopping that the glazing is set in as well as the actual Fire glazing itself. Fire doors with glazing, it is far more preferable to purchase the Fire door with the glazing factory fitted. There is a whole range of glazed fire doors available from various suppliers that should cover most installation requirements. However  Fire  Glazing  can  be  fitted  to  doors  in  certain  circumstances.  Sometimes Compartmentation issues get highlighted  in  Fire  Risk  Assessments, such as  ensuring  that  the  correct  Glazing  in  doors  and  walls  has  been  used  and  fitted  correctly.

Upgrading old doors

Unless the doors are listed or have a historical value, it is usually impractical and uneconomic to try to upgrade an old panel door to a FD30 door leaf specification, to make it suitable for the upgrade to FD30(S) specification. Where an old door has to be upgraded, there are kits available and the door must comply with the suppliers requirements, generally this covers the thickness of the door styles, bars and panels and also the door should be structurally sound with the joints intact  along  with  the  door  fitting  snugly  into  its  door  frame.  As an alternative there are plenty of Fire doors available that have traditional panel designs both in natural wood finishes and painted finishes.


This Legislation has a continuing theme of responsibility that covers everybody involved with any aspect of this area of this work. Therefore it is necessary to record all work carried out under this legislation to quantify exactly what has been done. All my work is documented for the customers Fire file and I keep a copy.

Operating in Southern England

Based in South Devon, so far I have covered contracts from Truro up to the Isle of Wight, but can go further! In the first instance either email or telephone me with your location and requirements with no obligation and then I can give an approximation of what I can do and for how much. If that is acceptable I would be pleased to meet with you for a site visit and following written estimate.

Also I can provide Testimonials from large corporate concerns to small B&B establishments.


We specialise in : Installing Fire Doors, fitting Fire Doors, Fire Door maintenance, upgrading Fire Doors, Health & Safety  work. Fitting cold smoke intumescent seals, fitting CE approved  fire  door  hydraulic closers, fitting new approved locks. Fire Door partitions.   Abacus Property and Fire Door Services.  We fit Fire Doors in Cornwall, Dorset,  Somerset and  Devon.